"In this life, I make art as a deliberate path towards self-elucidation and self-construction. I aim to depict my soul at work, while I work upon it. 

My creations are metaphors that are evocative of my wonder about the mysteries of existence and reflective of my comprehension. 

They originate in my perception of spirituality, from the distillation of what I gather through education, as well as from observation of the natural world. I find interest in color and light phenomena, shape and volume, the particular and the universal that I transform into comprehensive imagery incorporated into crafted material objects. I endeavour to use the right measure of everything, as I weight the proportion of any pair of opposites that I decide to bring into play, intending for the outcome of my effort to express harmony, equilibrium and sense.

I propose my art to other individuals as a mean to share my soul experiences with others, for I know there is one common spiritual reality that works as archetypal in all humans."



Tudor was born in 1971. Starting seventeen, he did apprentice work and studied art painting techniques for ten years with his father, the painter Sabin Balasa (1932-2008). He works and lives together with his wife and son in his atelier-house located in a natural environment, near Bucharest.

Tudor Balasa Fine Art PainterTudor Balasa Fine Art Painter
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